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Humbled Males

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Male Biological Clocks [Dec. 26th, 2011|01:47 pm]
Humbled Males


First they have breasts, now they have biological clocks;
are they trying to be like Us? ;-P
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Humbled Males [Dec. 26th, 2011|01:44 pm]
Humbled Males

I've included below, in very simple terms, more reasons why Women are the superior sex. No frills, just straight-shooting honesty you boys might not hear so often:

Women make life happen.

Women and men are indeed different, and it is a difference to be proud of if you are Female. We nurture and give life to the world. Our bodies are amazing in what they do; from carrying a child to nursing, to raising another human being into adulthood. We are intuitive and naturally wise as Mothers, ensuring the perpetuation of our species. We don't find it maniacally important to kill and break stuff, which men unfortunately seem to have a penchant for.

Sperm is cheap, Eggs are expensive.

It takes an entire month's cycle for the viability of an egg, whereas sperm—the disposable male reproductive cell designed to deteriorate after its purpose is ended—is produced by the millions daily. Our eggs are never ejaculated frivolously and wiped up with toilet paper or a sock. Consider that.

And why do boys have nipples?

Because in the womb, we all start out as Female—two perfect XX chromosomes. Only when an alternate gene is introduced does the developing embryo become XY (male)—a mutation of life's original template, produced to accommodate the necessary process of sexual reproduction. In short, Women are complete human beings, and men are nothing more than genetically modified Women.

Poor boys. That's a pretty tough thing to acknowledge about yourselves, isn't it? That in the end you are nothing more than sperm incubators who must justify your existence through labor and sacrifice when not getting milked for semen. But take heart; you at least still have one X on your side, and you can bet the soft sack between your legs that the X is from where your better qualities derive.

The overall blueprint.

Genetically, Women are more complex than men. Men are more prone to a number of diseases, and Women usually outlive men by an average of seven years. Women bear the most vital sexual organs. Women on average use more of their brains than men. Women have a higher pain tolerance than men. Women generally have better sensory ability than men. On average, Women are healthier than men of their own age.

Outside of making sperm, Women have proven they can do anything just as well as a man can do—and often better—but the same cannot be said of men. Men will never carry and give birth to a child. Men will never breast feed. Men will never have the maternal instinct and natural intelligence Women possess.

The power of reason and intuition.

While there are always exceptions to every rule, it is clear that most Women have it all over men in the areas of balanced judgment and intuition. Recent research about the differences between Female and male brains now proves it, too. The main hub for emotion and memory formation is larger in a woman's brain, as is the wiring for social and empathetic skills. It seems nature gave us Females tremendous powers of observation and an ability to attune to our senses, to make judgments based upon the more advanced communication between the emotive and analytical. After all, without these qualities, we wouldn't make very good Mothers, would we? Our lives aren't spent mindlessly gratifying our sexual needs, or kicking balls around in a field.

Seeker vs. Source and the principal of least interest.

But let's not be so hard on men. After all, they obviously have their part to play in procreation. Someone has to be the one who chases, and that is certainly the male role. This is not something to be discouraged—so long as it's done right. Men's animal desires become the impetus to pursue and serve Women, and that's not something I'd change at all. I find that so long as a man is bred well and knows his place, it is a pleasure to enable the slavery he suffers to his own senses; it is the invisible leash Women have enjoyed tugging at the necks of men for thousands of years and will continue doing so for thousands more.

Simple beauty.

So now we arrive at the last (and some say most shallow) article of praise for Women. Let's face it—Women are just plain hot, and there really isn't anything shallow about that at all, when you consider the things men will do and have done for beauty. Of course, there are some beautiful males in the world, too, but aesthetically pleasing men are not nearly as abundant as aesthetically pleasing Women. Women can stop traffic with their looks. Men are advised to always use the cross walk.

Other Interesting Facts

Men now make up only 42 percent of the nation's college students. As the playing fields have leveled, Women are outperforming men in almost every category. [Source]

Men commit a substantially greater amount of violent crime than Women. Of the total number of homicide victims in a 2004 study, 78 percent were male and 22 percent were female. A breakdown of the data by gender showed that 90.1 percent of the offenders were male and 9.9 percent were female. [Source]

Girls develop and mature faster than boys. [Source]

Recent findings in modern biology suggest we may someday be capable of scientifically-assisted pathogenesis (reproducing without males). Hmmm... [Source]

Studies prove Women have better memory than men. [Source] [Source]

The current highest recorded IQ belongs to a Female. Marilyn vos Savant (born Marilyn Mach on 11 August 1946) is an American magazine columnist, author, lecturer, executive and playwright who rose to fame through her listing in the Guinness Book of World Records under "Highest IQ." [Source]
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Power of the Pussy [Jul. 24th, 2011|05:04 pm]
Humbled Males

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Spanking! [Jan. 27th, 2010|03:14 pm]
Humbled Males

This post is for fun. Spanking! I'm NOT speaking of the discipline type, instead, I'm talking about the play type. I have never been spanked by a Woman, but now I think I'm not adverse to the idea!!!!! I just love play parties because you always leave the celebration with new ideas. Watching the Women play with one another by spanking each other, it seemed like so much fun. If the opportunity arose, I'd bend over with glee. I think it would be nice to be spanked by a good friend.

I too used to be more into Female -male spanking but now I'm starting to take interest Woman-spanks-Woman scenarios. Such beauty and delight in a naughty Woman squirming over a stern Woman's lap! Any other Woman enjoy spanking scenarios?
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By: Blanche Black - Young Girls read this. Pass it along to other forums. [Oct. 8th, 2009|12:23 am]
Humbled Males

How to Train a Man, by Blanche Black:  http://blancheblack.blogspot.com/2009/07/how-to-train-man.html

Let me let you in on a little secret: Despite all their posturing, men are actually really vulnerable to women, and most men will do anything to hide this. Every day, they obsess over women’s bodies, women’s sensuality, women’s opinions of them, their ability to please women romantically and in bed…. and how to cover all that up under the illusion that they are indifferent to whether women like them or not. Some common ways men are encouraged to prove this indifference to themselves and others include disrespectful talk about women with the guys, trying to hurt women’s feelings, and generally defying what women want. Curiously, all such attempts from them seem to require an audience, usually male, which operates as a pep rally for psyching themselves out until they actually believe themselves.

They go to great lengths to hide their constant vulnerability towards the opposite sex from themselves. In relationships, they might hold on to this persistent façade by arguing, being contradictory, teasing and pushing buttons, and acting out in brazen selfishness with anything from using porn to blowing off household chores.

The thing about denial, however, is that the charade used to mask what one is so ashamed of has to escalate in intensity in order to keep blocking out one’s ever-nagging consciousness of it. And so you see some men making public attempts to provoke women with insults, making a show of indifference towards women’s unhappiness with them, speaking about women in a diminutive way with terms that trivialize their womanhood, and even acting out in physical ways against women. They make a hobby out of denying their emotional vulnerability to women’s approval of them, apparently bitter that women still dominate their thought life.

The fact that so many men work so hard to act this way in front of an audience shows just how much their behavior is an attempt to change their social image rather than being an indication of how they actually feel. Why do they have to prove their emotional invulnerability to others if they are so secure about it? Why put so much effort into denying something if they don't have something to hide?

It’s just like what many of us experienced with boys back in elementary school: boys often went out of their way to provoke, insult, and otherwise annoy the girls they actually liked and wanted to be around in order to prevent them and everyone else from knowing it. (Brilliant, eh? Lot of good it did them).

So, if men’s posturing and arguing don’t necessarily indicate what they want, but how they want to appear, what are they hiding? Consciously or subconsciously, men want more than anything to be wanted by women, to be able to attract the focused attention of the woman they're pursuing to the same degree that she attracts they're attention, which is a lot. Why do you think they drop their guy friends so readily once they get love-struck by some mysterious woman?

This means that whatever behavior of his manages to draw her attention and keep it on him largely determines how he treats her, whether that be because he is charming her or pissing her off.

When a man is really interested in a woman, whatever she wants in a man is what he wants to be for her, because he wants his already intense attention and appreciation of her womanly charms to be reciprocated. If she accommodates her own interests, he will adjust his behavior to ensure he continues to remain one of them. Once he has that reciprocation, however, he’s got what he wants so he has no reason to change what he’s doing. That’s alright if what he’s doing is bending over backwards to please you, but not if he’s slacking off. Give a man his ego trip and your attention and he’ll take both. Make him choose between the two and, if he’s into you, he’ll eventually choose your attention and drop the attitude.

Behavior therapy is very handy for this purpose.

The incentive for a man to leave his comfort zone and charm a woman is her expression of pleasure and approval when he responds in a charming way. Consistent acknowledgement of what a man does right will evoke more of the same from him, and willingness to go even beyond that to do other things you suggest. Expressing satisfaction when he does it right is the key to keeping it going.

All men, however, are prone to slip into the selfish modes of their upbringing. If they think they can’t be what a woman wants, they will settle for negative attention from a woman and begin to provoke her. Often, women can reinforce a bad behavior in a man just by giving him extra attention for it, even if it’s negative attention. That’s why negative attention towards men, like nagging or throwing dishes at them, rarely keeps a bad behavior of theirs at bay for very long- it is still a type of attention. This is where your honesty about how his behaviors turn you on or off comes in handy, if it’s expressed as an increase or decrease in your interest.

One of the best ways to discourage a bad behavior then is to highlight your lack of interest in it. Whether he’s just getting to know you or he already knows better, let the loss of your attention be the punishment for his disrespectful or difficult attitude by taking distance from him in whatever way works best for you.

If he complains about your cooking, for example, have him cook for himself the following night while you go out to dinner with a friend. If he teases you or makes jokes at your expense, look at him as if he’s speaking gibberish and acting unusually strange, then postpone your Saturday night plans with him to go out with the ladies to a hot comedy club instead. It will be much funnier than him, apparently. If he argues with your personal decisions, or pressures you to change them, cut your time with him short by saying you have to get up early in the morning and need the whole bed to yourself to get a full night’s rest. Subtle reminders that you have other things you can be doing and other people to see will usually snap a man out of his indifference act.

If he repeats any of these negative behaviors, tell him directly what you don’t like about what he’s doing, and what behavior you want from him instead. If he persists despite your warning, tell him to leave so you can re-evaluate the relationship, then ignore his calls. Don’t argue. Take space and cool down. He’ll regret it later. A woman doesn’t have to get emotional and upset to teach a man a lesson. Just give him a choice.

If you’re in a female-led relationship, you can make a policy of stopping a heated argument by tying him to a chair in the bedroom for a little while and getting other things done around the house. Don’t forget to gag him! It gives him time to calm down and rethink his approach and it gives you time to do something you enjoy instead. Finish that book you’re in the middle of, or order take-out and relax in front of a rented movie.

To complete his lessons, wait until he shows a change of heart and until you’re feeling better, and then give him a chance to rephrase what he was trying to say before. Tell him what behavior you want from him instead of what he did, what type of behavior will please you, and have him do a few practice runs with you right then and there. When he does it to your satisfaction, reinforce this with some light praise.

Then, just to prove to the both of you that he can earn back your trust and confidence in him, assign him an unpleasant task or duty as a punishment for having upset you in the first place. It will prove just how sorry he really is for putting you down and being knowingly offensive. It can be cleaning toilets, buying tampons at a crowded supermarket, or bending over to take a spanking of some sort. You’d be surprised how much better you’ll feel once he accomplishes this as a token of his commitment to change his attitude. And once he endures it, he will feel much more optimistic about trying to be the man you want, now that he has a way to make up for his possible failures and start over with a clean slate from you. The more a man thinks he can be what a woman wants, and knows she won’t tolerate anything less, the more he will try for the positive attention rather than the negative attention.

In fact, assigning a man tasks that benefit you, especially tasks that challenge him, and showing him positive attention when he carries them out, strengthens this positive dynamic, increasing your trust in and satisfaction with him and increasing his sense of adventure in pleasing you.

Physical challenges are the best. Ask him if he can cook a three course French meal totally nude without burning himself or the food. See if he can carry both you and the groceries up the stairs and through the front door at the same time. Have him vacuum the whole house each day with 20-pound weights on his arms and legs. That will help get him in shape. Suggest he practice Kegel exercises and see how many times in a row you can have sex without him losing his erection. There are endless variations on this theme. Make sure when he succeeds to show him how excited and pleased you are by the results of his hard work. Challenge him to make slightly larger sacrifices of his comfort zone than he is used to in order to accommodate your sense of fun, and both of you will be excited when he exceeds his previous achievements. It will increase his excitement about making you ultra happy.

These are just the basics, of course. A woman can develop her own strategies along these same principles, according to what she knows about her partner, and the relationship will take on its own style of conflict resolution and romance.

Training a man is all about a woman getting the most from her man for the building of intimacy in the relationship, which requires him to come out of his privileged status so he can get to know and relate to her more. Helping him break free from ridiculous corporate myths and personal denial by confronting him with his desire for and attraction to her is all part of it. Why should other men's delusions control his state of mind towards her and get in the way of the intimacy between them?
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Genetics of males is falling apart. [Aug. 5th, 2009|12:55 am]
Humbled Males

This is scary, I saw a Y chromosome [the males] under a microscope and it's so puny in dimension compared to the female X chromosome.

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Male Biological Clocks Ticking Away [Mar. 7th, 2009|05:31 pm]
Humbled Males

"Today, a growing body of evidence suggests that as men get older, fertility can and does decline, while the chances of fathering a child with serious birth defects and medical problems increase."



Guys, if you plan on having kids, don't think you can wait till after 35 and everything will be alright. I've been out with this guy who isn't a sub of mine, about 5 times in the past 2 months. I have a great time when I am with him - we get along fantastic and have a lot in common etc. He bailed on me once I told him that I would never have kids with a guy over 35. He said men don't have biological clocks. I said yes they do. Okay everyone. I am pretty blunt so let me just say this outright, all cells including sperm cells age. "Our cells break down and deteriorate as we get older. Therefore, though sperm cells constantly regenerate themselves, as opposed to eggs, the constant turnover of sperm cells lends itself to genetic mutations and a long list of diseases in the children of older fathers. And because our sperm production is so high, males have to keep copying their DNA over and over again to make sperm. The older you are, the more sperm cells have divided and the more divisions, the more chance for a disorder to occur because all this DNA copying leads to small mistakes- mutations. After the age of 30, there is a drop in testosterone of 1 percent a year. Testosterone is the energy, the hormone that you need to make good-quality sperm". (from a comm. post here)

Women should remember that guys are genetic filters. If we let guys who are not good quality breed, that is not good for evolution. Filter out bad quality males (abusive, addicts, obese, genetically asytmetrical, etc.) Ok, I was just curious, did you all know men had biological clocks or is this new news????
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Ho-hum pig's bum [Feb. 28th, 2009|04:23 pm]
Humbled Males

[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Cat and I am a young Woman who is finally managing to enjoy her new citygirl lifestyle.

I do have a few problems. One of them being that ever since I hit puberty and got to know my sexuality, I've been finding it difficult to find truly submissive men. Part of it is because I have taste for only certain kinds of men (I am actually more attracted to women most often). If they don't have a certain look that I like I don't give them the time of day.

The issue is, here in this city, all the men I have found who have a look I enjoy, are always the piggish variety. They think it is men who rule over Women (HAH!) and that the Woman must do everything he wants. If he wants sex, Woman has to be there to give him sex. Woman cannot be sick or busy, for he is a man and needs to fill a womb with seed. I tire of these men and their piggish ways.

Where would I be able to go in this city to find a humbled submissive male who knows his place in the world? I am not a hermit and do enjoy being social with both sexes as well as sexual escapades. Are there certain kinds of bars and clubs I can look for?
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http://www.nytimes.com/2007/05/23/science/23shark.html [Feb. 16th, 2009|11:40 am]
Humbled Males

 Parthenogenesis.  My subby found this.  Check it out, it's pretty cool reading.

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Humbled Males? [Feb. 13th, 2009|01:46 am]
Humbled Males

Hi everyone.  What happened to the name of this community??

Anyway, I will be getting a profile on Niteflirt!    I am so excited and can't wait to begin working on it.  Do you of you ladies work on that site???

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New Evidence For Female Control In Reproduction [Feb. 8th, 2009|12:49 pm]
Humbled Males
In the traditional view, competition for the egg is male-oriented, with sperm themselves deciding which fertilizes the egg by being the faster swimmer. With post-copulatory sexual selection, the female is in control, her oviducts selecting the "winner"-- the best quality sperm from the healthiest male -- and rejecting the rest.

This may be the molecular mechanism behind post-copulatory sexual selection, in which females that have mated with several partners play a role in determining which sperm fertilizes their egg.

http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/20 ... 103544.html
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Slaves' Purpose. [Jan. 7th, 2009|10:04 pm]
Humbled Males

I want to ask a question to all of you who own slaves: What do you use your slaves for? And, does physical attraction to your slaves have to be part of the equation?

woman power
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Difficult search [Jan. 6th, 2009|05:26 pm]
Humbled Males
Since I was younger I searched for the type of mistress that's idealized here...a woman who believed in female supremacy and the natural place of men. My search has been going on for a long time now.

When the internet became mainstream, I thought the search might become easier, but it seems there's a lot of so-called "mistresses" who are just jumping on the wagon. I'm not the type that likes to accuse people of being "fakes", but that is what comes to mind for lack of a better word. The real deal seems few and far between...and impossible to reach!

For example, the original founder of this community, Mistress Dolly, seems like such a fantasy to me. No offense to your mule 2 Mistress Dolly, and I don't want sound like I'm bragging, but I'm hotter than him. I mean come on...how do these middle aged half balding men find and come to serve such beautiful, understanding, and most of all REAL Women? As far as I'm concerned men like him should feel fortunate enough to even stand in the presence of such beautiful women.

What is it that makes women choose men like that but not hot young available guys like myself?
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Sperm donating [Jan. 1st, 2009|04:13 pm]
Humbled Males
I'm thinking of donating my sperm but I'm scared shit what my Mistress will think. Anyone got any advice. I want to donate it at a bank and have no rights and keep my privacy out.
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Slave's ego got him in trouble again. [Dec. 16th, 2008|08:21 pm]
Humbled Males

What do you Women suggest I do to a slave who is always getting into street / bar fights???????? This slave of mine got into another dumb fight over something even dumber. He saw a Woman getting beat up and her boyfriend was right there and did nothing. He said there was no way her boyfriend couldn't have done anything even though the sheer amount of girls doing the beating up was sort of high. He told the guy he needs to jump in and defend his girlfriend and the guy said fuck off, she's my girlfriend not yours. So my slave broke the fight up to help the girl but then he beat up her boyfriend. I like that he defended a Woman, but not that he beat up another guy..... I know growing up as a male they will be pushed and be tested and sometimes fighting is the last resort but he gets into alota fights. What the hell is up with males who let their egos get bruised so easily? <<<>> I spoke to him about the need to walk away from brewing fights but he just can't let things go. I shudder to think how easily he gets offended over simple looks, ectera. He says sorry all the time but its now time to give him something to be sorry about. I want his punishment to be severe. Email me things you do.

male ego
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Woman Capital [Oct. 27th, 2008|12:38 pm]
Humbled Males
      Female Supremacy, Female Empowerment and the humbling of males contains more than how W/we experience our daily personal relationships or how W/we celebrate/suffer O/our S/sexuality. This morning I was happy to be confronted with the acknowledgment of that fact again in an encouraging way. In the Dutch Financial Times there was a full page advertisement from an organization called ‘WOMAN Capital’ challenging our Minister of Finances to seriously consider ‘Woman’ to solve our financial crises by appointing qualified Women in the board of directors of our three big national banks (Iceland did the same.  

Read more on:        http://www.womancapital.nl/ft2.htm.

To be honest, to me this makes perfect sense.


     Let’s face it, the ‘old boys network’ has failed completely. No wonder, cause wherever you put a bunch of soccer hooligans together without a sufficient amount of softening and correcting influence of ‘Woman’ around them, they make an awful mess out of it. Wearing a white board and a tie doesn’t prevent males from this kind of behavior. Males were wired to go out hunting, to compete each other and to take irresponsible risks. Now that males have become superfluous for the purpose of killing mammoths only the purifying intelligent presence of ‘Woman’ amidst their ranks is a force powerful enough to make them withhold themselves properly. Yes, I agree with the Ladies from ‘WOMAN Capital’: The financial world has proofed to be a far too masculine environment. Are They exaggerating? Am I perhaps? Please, convince me.

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Hello! [Oct. 23rd, 2008|11:48 am]
Humbled Males

i am a 23 year old submissive from TN. i consider myself fortunate and extremely grateful to be aware of the remarkable life of servitude to the superior gender of Women. my journey is one that has not begun recently, it has been a progression ever since i can remember. In more of recent years though i have been learning and discovering more about this insatiable hunger to serve Women i have that i fought since becoming aware of it at the early tender ages of being a teen (13 or 14 to be more exact).  Thank you for this Community.  I look forward to learning all I can here and in sharing as well.

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Protect your intellectual property!! Copyright your photos and vids. Here's how: [Oct. 19th, 2008|06:18 pm]
Humbled Males

Read more...Collapse )
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Words of Wisdom to a Woman in Need. [Sep. 18th, 2008|10:54 am]
Humbled Males
Ok let's start off by saying I'm not posting this as a pity party. I'm simply looking for insight.

Let's sum it up as best as I can.

Here's the situation.

My sister is your basic middle class woman who was raised to respect people and treat people the way you want to be treated but she is being physically and emotionally abused by her husband. Her husband's verbal attacks upon her began one month after they were married. You would never guessed she would be attracted to a bad-boy persona. He wasn't abusive in the beginning but had a slight tough-guy air about him. First she was told, "Don't attend your family function", then it progressed from there and progressed "undetected", little by little, like a form of brainwashing. Verbal and physical abuse. She slowly changed into an altogether different woman. She used to be nurturing, witty and warm. Look at her today, she is depressed, unmotivated, insecure, hopelessness, self-blaming, and self-destructive.

He was very prone to putting her down, in private and in public. He would usually verbally abuse her in the house, but when it was in public, he'd do it most often in front of his friends as though he was controlling a dog - "You STAY. I'm leaving with my friends to Vegas." She used to have friends and used to be a part of the local community Senior Center volunteer program. She used to be filled with confidence, exuberance and happiness. I don't doubt feared her self-assured, confident persona.

According to him she was to blame for his anger and outburst. He damaged her self-esteem over the years. She has a low opinion of herself. She never experienced any forms of abuse whatsoever in her childhood.


She used to be intelligent, happy and self-assured. I know she's still in there somewhere. Now I notice she has finally stopped making excuses for his bad behavior. These are all good signs that she's probably going to get fed up enough to make a change.

I wish I could instill the attributes of you confident women into her so that she can once again contribute to this world in her old nurturing, happy-go-lucky, inspiring way. A reawakening of her Goddess-self, if you will. What makes a Woman a "Goddess"? Personally, I have always searched my horizons for the heart stopping Woman and I never really had a clear preconceived notion of her exact form...she would just appear, and I would know. As I matured, my experiences reacting to the strong, inspiring Woman increased, as well as my cravings to be enslaved. I learned the meaning of Dominance, not from a whip, rather from her piercing eyes, confident posture, confident personality. She speaks authority without using words. For me the Alpha Woman is not a man-hater..on the contrary, she is curator of the male pyche, nurturing his fall into her web. I'm a big fan of emotional intimacy and I love the powerful minds of dominant women. The strict "no nonsense" leather clad, overbearing Dominatrix is merely a mirage in her balancing act of total control. My devotion can not be measured in "strokes from the cane" but more likely in "beats of the heart". An Alpha Woman is a mover of Heaven and Earth...a treasure of life giving love and discipline. This is why I am looking for some wisdom of you Ladies.

What should I say to her? Any words of advice for me to help her?
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Artificial Wombs-If you didn't want pregnancy? Would you? [Sep. 5th, 2008|02:47 pm]
Humbled Males

With so much honest discussion about the ownership and control of the male's seed, how does procreation fit in?

If YOUR most devoted slave begged YOU to allow him the opportunity to spread his genes and reproduce, would YOU allow it, and risk damaging YOUR GODDESS BEAUTY, if that was an issue for YOU?

Are there any ALPHA FEMALES willing to sacrifice their Divine Bodies for birthing a child?

Could the creation of an artificial womb, in the not so distant future, simplify matters or make it worse?.

Thank YOU, in advance, to my SUPERIORS for enlightening me :-)
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Do submissive men protect? [Jul. 4th, 2008|02:22 pm]
Humbled Males

Ok everyone, here it is.  I only ever met one dom who was kind of nurturing.  Well, he was more  a good "protector" and that's not the same as nurturing.    He would come to Italy where I was living, and we met outside populated places and he always would protect me from crazy motor bikes on the street or groping male advances.   So,  I really hope this is okay to ask and there really  is no judgment in this question.  But do sub men protect their mistresses?  I wanna hear other people's answers. 
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Submission: Sexual only or Beyond sexual [Jun. 5th, 2008|11:37 am]
Humbled Males

I have a question for all of the mistresses here and their slaves.

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Erotic Powers of Dominant Women [Mar. 16th, 2008|12:42 pm]
Humbled Males
For myself, I really like Dominant Women and being a man I especially love a dominant Woman in bed. I love to be ordered to get on my knees and please Her as long as She wants.

There isnt anything that I think is more erotic than a Woman who lets you know what She wants and uses Her power to take it how she wants it. Her power and confidence overwhelms me.

Order me, command me in the exact way you want. It's hawt knowing She's using me as Her perfect sex toy and I'm giving Her extreme pleasure. This is what makes me the most excited. If She can truly be strong enough to do dominant me and dominant me sexually and use Her sexual powers to rule me and own me, I will be Hers forever.
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